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Just watched The Conspirator!!


*no spoilers*

“In times of war, the law is blind”

So, The Conspirator was close to be a great movie, but the lack of a strong parliament to others beside the precious James Mcavoy, the relinquish of being just a dramatization movie of an  historic event; yes, Redford don´t stay just with the page book of American History, but he didn´t went further either. What we get is a movie with a few moral dilemmas dropped here and there, leaved slovenly as hurdles in the way to the emotional/dramatic core of the movie.


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You really did a great job, this is a great analysis.

So… For Not to drop only spoiler I’ll just say; There’s a stiffness that keeps the story from packing a punch. Still, it’s handsomely mounted, and at its best moments has the patina of a Masterpiece Theater production

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